Almirida is a charming coastal village, 22km east of Chania. Only in the last few years has it developed into a tourist resort. A quiet place with natural beauty and beautiful beach, it has kept its unspoilt character, which makes it the ideal summer holiday destination to enjoy the lovely Cretan sun and its beautiful clean sea. Lovers of water sports can enjoy catamaran and surfing. Almyrida's beach area offers inviting café's and local taverns as well as fish taverns. Worth a visit are the ruins of an old Christian basilica at the entry of Almyrida, which dates from the 6th century AD and displays mosaic floorings of an exceptional quality and maintenance.

Apokoronas District

The district of Apokoronas is located in the north-east part of the prefecture of Chania. It covers a surface area of around, the most part of which is hilly to mountainous. Apokoronas counts about 35 traditional villages are scattered around the area. It has two capes: Cape Souda and Cape Drapanos. Unique for Crete is Lake Kournas, the only freshwater lake on the island. Pedalo boats are readily available for rent here for a trip on the lake. The village Kourna is mostly known for its pottery. (More about Apokorona here.)

City of Chania

Chania, capital of the prefecture of the same name and with 60,000 inhabitants Crete’s second biggest town, is proudly presented as the island’s most atmospheric city. It is a great place for going out and enjoying the good life, with lots of shops to browse and excellent restaurants. Traces of its Venetian and Turkish past, with little fountains and elegant mansions, mosques and minarets are evident everywhere as you walk through the picturesque alleys and the harbour. Along with beautifully restored buildings, there are also still un-reconstructed buildings from WWII bombings that have been turned into charming shops and restaurants. One has to admit that Hania carries its past with dignity, breathing an air of oriental mix where East meets West. (more on Chania here).